For Sessions:

  • laptop computer (We will not have a computer lab so you will need your own laptop for research. Novice students: if you do not have access to a laptop please let us know so we can provide you with one.)
  • writing materials/flowpads/sticky notes/pens
  • your Bible
  • money for cafe for snacks between meals
  • refillable water bottle
  • NIHD Source Book: It will be emailed to you by: TBA
  • LDers should print all of the staff briefs for LD and bring to camp.
  • TPers should print all the TP NEG briefs along with 2 copies of whatever AFF case you have chosen to run.

Remember: Only cases from the source book may be run at camp for Team Policy. If your student has not yet made a decision on which AFF case to run by the time they come to camp, they should print the whole TP sourcebook AFF and NEG.

Dress Code: Casual: no tournament attire required!!
• Casual clothing is appropriate for all camp sessions. Most campers will wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or tank tops. Wear comfortable walking shoes, sandals, or flip flops. (Bring clothes you can get wet or dirty in for game time, i.e. ultimate Frisbee or water-balloon toss.)

• We expect all campers to respect a general modesty dress code at all times. Shorts should be no shorter than where your fingertips reach; skirts and slits no shorter than two inches above the knee. Tank top straps should be at least two fingers in width. Please do not bring tops that are tight, see-through, low-cut, or reveal bare midriffs.

For Socials/Free Time:

  • Comfortable closed toed shoes for games such as volleyball, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag.
  • Please DO NOT BRING electronic/video games
  • Please DO NOT BRING immodest clothing

For On-Campus Housing:

If you are staying on campus, please view what to bring for your stay in dorms on the On-Campus Housing tab.

Reminder: Please fill out and submit the Liability Waiver prior to camp.

Please complete the NIHD Camp Waver and email to nihdcamp@gmail.com.