The Story of NIHD

In Spring 2007 Griffith Vertican, won our Nation's largest collegiate debate tournament (the NPDA) going 14-0 and finishing first out of 220+ teams. In the Fall of 2007, he began his coaching career at the high school and collegiate level, and eventually entered law school where he earned his JD and passed the California Attorney Bar Exam. During his first year of coaching, Griffith saw the need for a debate training camp catering to homeschool students. So in the summer of 2008, he launched his first camp.

NIHD's beginnings were humble: a small, fledgling niche camp that catered to debate students in Southern California. The first year we had about 23 students total. We eventually added speech and a custom track just for the parents and coaches. Then with a lot of sweat, grit, and favor from the Lord, NIHD's annual camp has grown into a national event that averages 150+ participants in 8 distinct tracks!

Today, we've combined the best of Bible camp and academic excellence into a one-of-a-kind experience that easily makes us the biggest and best high-quality one-week in-person homeschool speech and debate camp in the nation!