The Camp Tournament

AT NIHD, we offer our Open Track students the opportunity to compete in a tournament on the 2019-2020 resolution (topic). Novice students also compete in the tournament with additional coaching.

This gives debaters a competitive edge because they have the opportunity to put into practice the things they learn from lectures immediately while it is fresh in their minds.

Rules for Camp Tournament

Open Track:

  • Team Policy students must use the cases provided for them for camp. Students may NOT use their own cases. They may customize the camp cases if desired, but the plan text must remain the same.

  • Lincoln Douglas students may use either camp cases, or their own cases as desired.

  • Each student must participate in the tournament. The tournament will start on Thursday. Lectures will continue to be slotted in between the rounds.

The Parli Tournament is optional for Open Track students only. It will happen during scheduled Evidence Labs and free time breaks so as not to conflict with core program of LD or TP. You should be able to find a partner at camp if you have not made arrangements for one beforehand.

If you choose not to participate in the Parli rounds, you may attend an evidence lab or another workshop.

Novice Track:

  • Camp cases will be provided for you; please read the cases ahead of time, for better results during camp.