Camp Policies and Procedures

Airport and other transportation: Due to insurance constraints, transportation to/from the airport is not officially provided by NIHD. We can, however, put you in contact with other families or parents that are able to give rides. NIHD is not liable for any aspect of transportation

NIHD Safety Standards: NIHD staff will strive to uphold the highest standards of moral excellence and safety. We take the safety of your children extremely seriously and stay consistent with the guidelines set forth by the state of California. With that in mind, we have the following disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary: if a camper is found engaging in behavior that is unacceptable, ie, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, refusal to participate in mandatory camp sessions or follow camp rules, parent or guardians will be called and the student will be sent home without refund.

No student is permitted to leave camp at any time without express permission from Camp Administrators and Parental consent.

Illness: Students who become ill during camp will be sent home. Minor issues such as cuts, abrasions will be treated with first aid. No medications will be dispensed by camp staff.

In case of Emergency, 911 will be called and student will be taken to the hospital. Parents will be notified immediately after securing safety of the student.

Internet: Students are encouraged to bring laptops or smart phones for research labs. We will not have access to a computer lab. There are no filters connected with the internet. If you would like to get a filter on your child's electronic device, there are apps that can be downloaded prior to camp.

On-Campus Housing:
Students must be in their rooms by 10:00pm with lights out by 11:00pm.
Keys replacement fee: Please note that the conference center charges a replacement fee for lost keys. Parents will be charged $25 for any lost key. Please advise your student accordingly.