Save on your registration by helping NIHD promote

Here’s how
1. Email and let us know you are interested in helping promote the camp. We will create your own personal promo code that you can include in your promotion. This code will give other people $10 off and will alert us that you referred them. You will receive $50 off for each student and $35 for each parent you refer. (You cannot use your own promo code.)

2. Receive $50 off for promotion
-Send a promotional email to 10 people
-Post on a homeschool form, homeschool group website, homeschool facebook page, etc.

3. Each email or post should contain
-Information about the camp from the flyer or promo email
-The camp website (
-A personal recommendation from you
-Your promo code.

Please Note
-We are open to awarding more than $50 if you contact us for approval.
-Discounts for promotion cannot be combined with other offers or scholarships
-We cannot award discounts greater than the cost of registration.

Additional Ways to Save Money:
-Scholarships for volunteer jobs
-Host housing
-Scholarships for those in the ministry

Please email for more information.