Speech Camp

August 22-28, 2022

Nationally recognized speech coach Heather Neumann will be returning to lead the speech camp. It is designed for both new and advanced students in all interpetation, platform, and limited prep events.

Heather Neumann
is the founder of Lasting Impact where she has been blessed to coach National Champion Speakers, National Finalists, and beginning students. "Speech is a journey... there is no telling where the Lord will take you or the impact you can make."

Heather Neumann and her team are excited to come to CA...

They will be covering the basics of Speech for beginning students and advanced students. There will be a number of breakouts, splitting off students, as well as coaches and parents.

Check out her website here

Start getting excited to dig into….

  • Learn more about the types or kinds of speeches!
  • How to pick a topic for YOU!
  • Choosing a piece for your personality and purpose!
  • Cutting your piece for your characters!
  • Blocking and communication!
  • Acting and characterization for interps!
  • Engaging, fun activities to put what we’ve discussed into action!
  • And so much more!!


  • Students have the option to do just the Speech Track or the Speech + Parli Track
  • Students will be taught how to be successful in all the different speech events
  • Drills, drills and drills - this track will have lots of options to work on your speech skills.

The Purpose of the Speech Camp

The purpose of the speech camp will be to prepare students for competition for the upcoming season and expose them to all of the individual events.

There truly is no other camp like NIHD!