Recommendations from former parents, alumni and participants:

"I am so thankful for the preparation I received from NIHD and Coach Griffith. His strategizing, briefing, and support helped me feel ready for National Competitions." - Ben Arroyave


"The camp itself will teach you general debate theory that is helpful for any stage of competition, and in addition, gives you specific recourses such as: coaching, briefs, and cases for the upcoming resolutions. Furthermore, the camp will allow you to make new friends, build community, and grow in your relationship with God. Whether you are looking to just get started in debate, makes friends, build community, grow in Christ, or are looking to be the next national champion, NIHD is the place to go!" - Logan Whitcher


"I heard great teaching-practical and foundational; yet, so rich in info it really would suffice the advanced debater. Not only was the content outstanding, but the delivery was always engaging and funny but far from boring.

I heard moms say they have a better understanding of what debate is all about and the details of how-to. They see how debate can benefit their child in many ways.

I saw the kids get inspired-by the looks on their faces and the level of participation-it was evident that they had hope of debating well. They are already thinking about this upcoming season. They are brain-storming ways to fundraiser to go to the San Diego camp!

I have heard of deep conversations between parents and their children after the POME and Defy the Lies talks. A mom said her son began to talk about some of the things Griffith taught regarding The Last of the Mohicans. Another mom told me that through the week, her boys were heard talking and would often say, 'That is what Coach Griff would say,' or 'Coach Griff talked about that.' These boys saw someone who talked with them-someone serious about following God in the area of purity and the girls saw a new standard in relationships. They were given statistics of how science is upholding what the Bible has said all along and they heard practical ways of guarding their purity. Parents were challenged to be in theirs children's FACE so that the world will not deceitfully draw their hearts away.

I am sure there is much more fruit that will come forth from the seeds that were sown last week. Thank you so much for coming to Georgia and for pouring out yourself unashamedly and whole-heartedly for these families! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!" - Jennifer Brisendine


"Speech and Debate is one of the most important life skills one can possibly learn. From religious beliefs to political opinions, our ability to communicate is vital to being able to persuasively articulate ideas and defend what we believe. The Debate Camp helps students learn how to improve their communication skills in an exciting and fun manner, and I would highly recommend it to high-school students. Trust me, you won’t regret it!!." -Brandon Winchel- (Winner or 3 tournaments ranked #1 TP Debate 2013)


"When I walked into my first NIHD lecture four years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I was young, I was nervous, and was a terrible debater. During that entire week and the other two I spent there over the next couple years, I learned and grew in so many ways: I got older, and with that I grew wiser, more confident and more Godly; I even became a much better debater. I didn't just learn how to debate behind a podium, though, because the camp experience teaches you to become a better communicator and contender for the Faith. NIHD took a thirteen-year-old-girl, and with the incredible faculty, amazing group leaders, beautiful worship, awesome lectures, fantastic competition, and indescribable fellowship, turned me into a varsity debater much more ready to face the world." -Brenna Bakke-


_The National Institute for Home School Debate provided me with solid foundational skills for competition in Stoa and the NCFCA. The camp offered a wide variety of fascinating lectures, with topics ranging from attorney cross examination skills to strategic use of humor, and allowed me to choose the lectures that interested me most. As if that wasn’t enough, the NIHD provided a full length practice tournament, a learning experience I never received at any other camp. Although I valued the camp’s structure, I appreciated the faculty even more. From day one, Coach Vertican and his staff welcomed me into the community, helped teach me research skills, and gave me a new appreciation for debate. The student leaders offered valuable feedback during warm up rounds, and researched a wide variety of topics ahead of time, in order to prepare us with evidence. The NIHD provides the setting for some of my fondest high school debate memories, and I highly recommend it to any debater, whether a novice or a seasoned veteran. - David Hutchinson

"I competed in Speech and Debate for 4 years in high school. My senior year I finally gained success, winning 3 tournaments in Lincoln Douglas debate, 4 consecutive tournaments in Persuasive speaking including the National Championship, and ending the year as the number 1 ranked Lincoln Douglas debater and Persuasive speaker in the nation. God deserves all of the glory for this, but of the many people he used to help me get there none deserves more credit than my former debate coach and great friend, Griffith Vertican.

I absolutely could not have achieved what I did without the expert training of Coach Griffith. He was the 2007 NPDA National Parliamentary Collegiate Debate Champion, and his passion for teaching his students mixed with his unparalleled skill in persuasive debating combine for the best possible learning experience. Not only that but you, like me, will gain a role model in Griffith, as his life strongly reflects his commitment to following God. In addition to Coach Griffith, there are also several other National Champions teaching at the camp including Team Policy Champion Stephen Roe, Lincoln Douglas Champion Chase Harrington, myself, and many more.

I can say with confidence that if you’ll attend The National Institute for Homeschool Debate your debating and speaking skills will increase exponentially, regardless of your current level.

In short, you’ll get the best teachers, the best training, and the best value. If you attend this camp you won’t regret it!!"- Matthew Mittelberg

"Entering my second year of coaching in NCFCA, I was looking for an opportunity to educate myself. I am SO glad I decided on Concordia Debate Institute last year. It was incredibly beneficial and well-rounded. Excellent, interactive teaching, lab-time for research, and LOTS of debating...10 rounds. Konrad and Griffith really push the students to think strategically, not just regurgitate the arguments of others. The students had work assigned before camp began, so they were able to hit the ground running. Konrad and Griffith genuinely cared about the students, and inspired them with their passion for academic debate. I would highly recommend it to students, parents and coaches. The Lord really blessed our little club this year. Two teams qualified for nationals... both of them alumni of CDI!"
-Wendee Carr
Rhetoric Debate Coach